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Yosemite in January

Yosemite Scenic in B&W-800

I was born and raised in California and throughout my young life I spent many wonderful Summer vacations in Yosemite Valley, but I had never been to Yosemite it the Winter. Now that I am a serious photographer, I hadĀ dreamtĀ of photographing Yosemite in the Winter time. Well, as a birthday present, my wife took me to Yosemite in January, 2010. We flew into San Francisco and we spent one day enjoying the San Francisco scenery.

w&d at gg-low res


As you can see it was raining while we were in San Francisco, but we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us. The thing I remember most about that trip to San Francisco was the lunch we had at The House Of Nanking in Chinatown. It was one of the best Chinese meals I have ever had. It made me realize how mediocre all of the Chinese restaurants are in the Metro Washington DC area.

The next day we were scheduled to drive to Yosemite. There had been a big snow storm just prior to our arrival in California and we woke up to the news that all roads into Yosemite were closed due to weather. But by 10:00 AM Wicca was able to learn that one road into Yosemite Valley was open and we should be fine driving into the Valley. We had rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle and we had also rented tire chains. We had been forewarned that you are not permitted to drive into Yosemite in the Winter without having tire chains available in the vehicle. The drive into Yosemite wasn’t all that bad. We never needed the tire chains and the scenery on the drive in was absolutely spectacular. Here is a wonderful picture Wicca took of me on a brief photo stop during our drive into the Valley…

first day gold

First view of El Capitan as we were arriving at Yosemite Valley
Photo by Wicca Davidson

We were in Yosemite for 5 days. We stayed at the Yosemite Lodge which isn’t the most luxurious accommodations, but it was adequate. Most of that time I was out taking photographs. The black and white photo at the very beginning of the blog post was taken at a very popular spot known as Tunnel View. Here are just a few images taken on that trip.


Yosemite Falls


Tunnel Leading Into Yosemite Valley



Half Dome


Crow in Silouette

This photo of Wicca was taken on our drive out of Yosemite Valley. Wicca is not easy to photograph. She doesn’t particularly like having her picture taken, and she is very critical of photos taken of her. But this is one of Wicca’s favorite photos that I have taken of her.


I can’t overstate how marvelous Yosemite is in Winter. I will always remember our trip to Yosemite as one of my favorite birthdays ever! If you can ever schedule a trip to Yosemite in the Winter, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Very nicely done. What a wonderful, I was stationed at NAS Lemmore, CA, and as a cook I had a three day weekend every other week, so myself and three other cooks rented camping gear from the pX and camped in Yosemite every other weekend for two years. I want to go back so bad, and would loveto show my wife the beauty of this special park.

    • Thanks Rod. I consider Yosemite to be one of the most picturesque places in the world. I never tire of it. The trip to Yosemite in January 2010 was my wife’s first visit to Yosemite. She was pretty impressed!

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